Direct Relationships for Embodied Commonality

As part of community engaging project How We Want to Live Together by Katrine Meisfjord. Kunsthuset Kabuso, Municipality of Kvam, Norway

9. – 14. August, 2021

In this five day workshop we engaged in artistic and pedagogical exercises that aimed at heightening the sense of togetherness, community and commonality. 

Through the use of e.g. body awareness exercises (e.g. deep listening), joyful and trust-building games the youth and all participants of the project were supported in the process of learning how to work, create and to be together, to develop kindness and inner strength in our relations with each other and our (non-human) environment. Through a variety of practical techniques and interactions we improved and enhanced our interactions, collaboration and co-productivity as we were part of a creative community.

About the project How We Want to Live Together: Building on a local initiative in 2019, Meisfjord works together with youth and youth leaders in the municipality of Kvam to develop a new arena for social interaction in the village, based on artistic methodology. The role of art is to bring out initiative, imagination, ideas, desires and needs, in order to realize them in physical and social constructions. Participating youth are encouraged to share thoughts and ideas in conversational situations and in creative workshops, turning this into acts of thinking, formulating and expressing themselves physically in a material and verbally. In October 2020, the youth exhibited their ideas in models that they built, in the Art Centre Kabuso. Based on those ideas, the youth work together with artists, architects and craftsmen, to build temporary structures on the site in 2021. In 2022, the project will be finalized as permanent structures on the property, and  the method and results will be presented. 

Enactment of “Zina’s Circle” a Deep Listening exercise. Photos: Berit Fischer
Body Locomotion, a trust building exercise
With youth developed hand cleansing eating ritual and collective lunch.
Telling our future territory story exercise
Spatial Blind Walk