Detours- Expedition Agile Urban Praxis

a collaboration with Guerilla Architects

as part of the popUP week Urbane Praxis, 14-20 November 2022,

Urbane Praxis e.V., Berlin, Germany

Urban Praxis is a field of action that understands the common good-oriented, civic and cooperative development of our cities as a post- and transdisciplinary task. It is located at the intersection of arts, culture, education, social, environmental, and design disciplines such as collaborative space planning, urban development, and architecture. The local socio-spatial context is deeply anchored in the development of experimental practices for a better and self-determined coexistence in the city of tomorrow.

Urbane Praxis e.V., is an association of urban practitioners who develop experimental and necessary approaches for a better coexistence in the city of tomorrow.

The popUP Week of Urban Practice ran from November 14 to 20, 2022 – with workshops, situated actions, and discourse events that questioned existing orders beyond Berlin, that were complemented by radically diverse, new and young perspectives on “Stadt-anders-machen”.

Agile Urbane Praxis – An expedition

The expedition asked: How do we take action to make Berlin crisis-proof, innovative and oriented towards the common good? In the context of popUP Week, Berlin politicians, administrative staff and interested parties were invited to the Expedition & Exchange round in Berlin. With the double-decker bus, an unconventional meeting place, we visited three locations of Urban Practice – Floating University Berlin, Nachbarschaftscampus Dammweg & Falscher Fisch. The journey was accompanied by an interactive programme by “Detours” (Guerilla Architects & Berit Fischer). Afterwards, there was a public discussion on opportunities for interagency collaboration on urban practice.


Detours invited to a somewhat different tour guide that offered small “detours”, small mental diversions to critical questions of urban practice in an interactive, performative and connective way.

Fotos: Berit Fischer, Guerilla Architects, Raquel Gomez, Kristin Laz