A series of city walks for a change of perspective in thinking, creating and experiencing (urban-) space and its inherent relationships. 

As part of the popUP week Urbane Praxis, 14-20 November 2022,

Urbane Praxis e.V., Berlin, Germany



Donnerstag 17. November 15-17h

During a walk guided by binaural sound recordings, listeners encounter a variety of stories transcending geographical and linguistic limits. The F_WALKS are an ongoing attempt to capture the plurality of subjective experiences and varying degrees of accessibility to space–and to demonstrate them in an embodied way. While quietly walking the streets of the town they’re in, participants will experience emancipatory practices and spaces together with different narrative characters that guide them. Narrated spaces and the physical environment blend into each other. What can we learn from each other no matter the distance that separates us? Recorded spaces resonate in the real space. What would that be like if we’d use the same practices right here?

The audiowalks collect perspectives that are often times invisible, inaudible, and not payed attention to in city planning. Topics addressed include access/exclusion to/from spaces, culture of remembrance in public space, and urban economies. 

Voices and stories:
Zoë Ritts, Kerstin Honeit, Zoe Partington & Jos Boys (DisOrdinary Architecture), Mandhla Ndubiwa, Naomi Boima, Jaapo – Verein für schwarze Frauen, Ana Rodriguez Bisbicus (fem_arc), Sarnt Utamachote (un.thai.tled)
Intro: Mildred



Saturday 19 November 15-17h

Meeting point: Entrance KO-Markt, House of Statistics

This experimental spatial encounter invites to mobilise and shift perceptions to inspire new imaginaries, visions and holistic sensibilities in thinking, creating and claiming (urban-)space and its inherent relations.

Sociologist and philosopher Henri Lefebvre describes that space is produced. Space is both, an expression and a medium of productive power relations. The physicality of human existence as a multidimensional being and its complex sensual qualities are the starting point for experientiality and critical engagement in the creation of, and with urban space.

By using practices of radical pedagogies, Deep Listening and meditative elements, we will encounter urban space in a relational, collective and holistic way; moving in and with space. We will experiment with connecting to ourselves, and to the “other“ –both people and the living environment– and with the place of the affective encounter.