How to be together differently?

Towards Building Socio-Ecological Relationalities

With UdK Students of the class “Studio Raumproduktion – Designing for the More Than Human” by Markus Bader and Silvia Gioberti at Floating University, Berlin

May 2023

In today’s dystopian times of capitalist, extractivist, dichotomous and separationist logics, questions about alternative imaginaries for liveable futures and co-existence with the “more-than-human” world are more urgent than ever. Acknowledging ecology, as an interwoven environmental, social, and mental dimension we will experiment with activating socio-ecological relationalities that exceed the anthropocentric view towards an inter-connectivity with the natural living world. Moving beyond a critique that occurs on the mere level of representation, this collective experience draws on legacies of feminist and radical pedagogies, consciousness raising techniques and attentiveness practices. Through intent forms of situated listening , embodied and collective thinking we will experiment with the question at stake.
Collective brainstorming
Putting theory into action
Closing the day with a discursive dinner and lecture.