Feminist Instituting for Ecological Futures

As part of New Alphabet School #Instituting, HKW, Berlin

Friday, June 25 10am–1pm CEST (Berlin)
Workshop in Park Hasenheide, Berlin

In today’s dystopian times of capitalist, extractivist, dichotomous and separationist logics, questions about alternative imaginaries for liveable futures and co-existence with the “more-than-human” world are more urgent than ever. Acknowledging “instituting” as a social ecology, as a collective agreement and cooperation, this affective encounter invites to engender a feminist ontology of “instituting” that exceeds the anthropocentric view towards an inter-connectivity withthe natural living world. Moving beyond a critique that occurs on the level of representation, this collective experience draws on legacies of feminist and radical pedagogies, and consciousness raising techniques to radical attentiveness practices. It forwards and experiments with a transformative practice of re-activating the psycho-cognitive apparatusthrough intent forms of situated listening. Participants will explore a feminist “instituting” that embraces ambiguity, nurtures an embodied and collective thinking and mobilizes philosophical speculation.

Text: Feminist Instituting for Ecological Futures contribution to New Alphabet School blog.

Feminist Instituting for Ecological Futures at Hasenheide Park, Berlin. Photos: Laura Fiorio
Connectivity exercise to rehearse and create an awareness for a collective body. 
Negotiating a performance agreement that connects the sounds heard and shared during the enactment of Pauline Oliveros’ Collective Environmental Composition
Enactment of Pauline Oliveros’ Collective Environmental Composition from 1975. 
Photos: Berit Fischer